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About AllThingsJava

Why AllThingsJava?

Over the last few years, trainers Richard Chesterwood and Matt Greencroft had been debating recording a podcast. Inspired by The Stack Exchange podcasts (that sadly finished in 2014) and The Java Posse (whose last podcast was 2 years ago), we think it's time for someone to come along and fill the gap, and so we've decided to give the challenge a go!

To create the podcast, we do our best to keep up to date in what's happening in the world of Java developers. One of the ways that we do this is by attending as many techie meetups as we can... these range from Java and AWS user groups, to hackathons and other JVM language meetings.

In today's market place, it's not enough to just be a good Java developer - you need to have knowledge of the full stack. We know that's hard to do when you're working full time on a project, so we decided to build this site, to bring together the podcast and our blogs, where we hope we can be a good source of knowledge... to help professional Software Engineers stay at the top of their game!