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Why you can't use Derby with Hadoop

24-Jun-2014 in Hadoop Derby Database

I'm currently in the middle of writing my next course for Virtual Pair Programmers, which will be on using Hadoop. Typically in Virtual Pair Programmers courses, we use Apache's Derby database. We choose this because  that's because it's light-weight, and so easy to distribute. It needs pretty much no installation / configuration etc. We can provide students with a full copy of the application and sample databases, and they can avoid having to spend time setting up and configuring a database server, such as MySQL, and having to import a database.

One of the topics we'll be covering on the Hadoop course is the use of the DBInputFormat and DBOutputFormat to read from and write to a relational database (we'll be learning about Sqoop too but the same issue will affect Sqoop... it's just that I've not got to that part of the script just yet!).


Running db-derby with recent releases of Java

03-Mar-2014 in Errata Derby Database

his blog post is an errata item for my Java Fundamentals course, and will also apply for the other Virtual Pair Programmers courses where we use the db-derby database.

I discovered while recording the upcoming Groovy course that there has been a security change in the most recent release of Java ( that has meant that the default configuration for db-derby no longer works. Running db-derby with the startNetworkServer command will result in an error message which says somewhere early on in the error message:

access denied ("" "localhost:1527" "listen,resolve")


Listen via:

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