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Installing Groovy - which version to go for?

08-May-2017 in Errata Groovy

Since we released the Groovy course, there have been some changes to the hosting of the Groovy distribution files. The newer versions of Groovy are completely compatible with the course, so you're fine to use any, but you'll need to download them from:

Please note that for Windows users, the latest version may not have a windows installer available. To get started quickly you may wish to check a prior version with a Windows installer. At the time of creating this blog post, 2.4.11 is the latest stable version of Groovy, but if you want the Windows installer you'll need to get 2.4.10.


Groovy Course Correction - Chapter 21 (Files and Templates)

10-Sep-2014 in Errata Groovy

I've been made aware today (thanks to a customer asking us to help solve a problem with his code relating to chapter 21 of the Groovy course) of a mistake on the video and with the file supplied for this chapter.

In the exercise I set you to practice with templates, I show on screen the file called DailyCheckInTemplate.txt from the practicals and code folder. This is at approximately 15:22 on the video.


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