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Podcast 13: Java news roundup

10-May-2018 in Podcasts Core Java Kotlin

Java news - will Oracle sue us for using the Java name? Java 10 is live with a big new feature (local variable type inference) and JavaEE is now JakartaEE.

Plus some talk about upcoming courses - Kotlin Programming and Kubernetes.

Should VirtualPairProgrammers do more front end work, particularly JavaScript frameworks like Angular (A: yes)

Here's the link to the survey we discuss: The State of Java in 2018


Matt:Hello, and welcome to podcast number 13 in the All Things Java series. Some would say that's unlucky for some. Hopefully, not unlucky for us or our listeners.

Richard:It will be unlucky for me, I think.

Matt:I'm Matt Greencroft.

Richard:Rich Chesterwood.

Matt:Good to see you, Richard, after I wouldn't let you out for the last podcast. You were busy away working on updating our courses, so we had a few complaints, I think, from our avid listeners that they missed your voice.

Richard:Yeah, really. Yeah.


Podcast 5: Kotlin

24-Jul-2017 in Podcasts Kotlin

In this episode Richard and Matt discuss Kotlin and what it can offer to the full stack Java developer. Plus updates on the progress with course development.


Richard:Welcome to the Virtual Pair Programmers podcast where we're talking all things Java. This is episode number 5, I think. Episode number 5 and I'm Richard Chesterwood.

Matt:And I'm Matt Greencroft.

Richard:And I'm hesitant about number 5 because number 4, where is number 4?

Matt:So we recorded number 4 and I'm sure I read something somewhere which says never start with an apology, but it feels like we should apologise. We've not yet published number 4.

Richard:There are thousands of listeners wanting to know where number 4 is.

Matt:I think you underestimate the number of listeners Richard. So, what happened? Number 4 is done and it is pretty much ready to go. Number 4 is an interview we made with Ian Massingham from Amazon AWS. He has a really impressive job title, something like head of worldwide evangelism or something like that.


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