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Podcast 16: Java Versions again

23-Apr-2019 in Podcasts Core Java

Matt and Richard talk again about the mess that is Java versions, plus a bit about what we're working on and what's coming next at Virtual Pair Programmers


Coming soon...


Podcast 15: Spark Core, Spark SQL and Spark ML

31-Oct-2018 in Podcasts Core Java

Richard came into the office this morning in a real mood, had a rant, and so we decided to do a podcast today! It's all about Apache Spark this time.


Matt:Hello and welcome to podcast number 15. This is an unscheduled extra podcast. We hadn't planned to do this today, but Richard walked into the office this morning, huffing and puffing, in a right mood, and had a real rant, and I thought that was too good an opportunity to not try and record some of it for the benefit of our listeners out there.

Richard:Right. Yes. I am in a bad mood, but I'm also supposed to be on holiday after doing my release. So, I'm in an even worse mood now that you're making me do a podcast. So, I'm going to sit here, and say nothing.

Matt:Well, we'll see how long that lasts, won't we? Anyway, welcome. I'm Matt. That was Richard, who's now sitting here growling at me, and welcome to our latest podcast. I guess we should start, then, with what you were just saying, Richard, which is that we have just released a course. I'm using the royal "we" there.

Richard:Have we?


Podcast 14: Java 11 is here

02-Oct-2018 in Podcasts Core Java

It's been a while but the latest podcast is now here... just after the official releaes of Java 11. Find out whether Java 11 is worth paying for, and whether you should be rushing to upgrade. We'll also mention what we're working on (SparkSQL and Spark Machine Learning)...


Matt:We're recording.

Richard:We are recording. And, I assume you're going to do the fancy ...

Matt:Hello! And, welcome. This is the fancy introduction that you wanted, Richard. Hello, and welcome to podcast number 13. And, can I start ... No, number 14.


Matt:Oh my goodness. This is going to be a disaster. I also want to apologise to the poor people who've got to subtitle this podcast, 'cause it's always difficult when people are laughing and talking over laughing. So, to our great subtitlers out there, apologies for that, or transcribers rather, anyway. Oh, this is a disaster.

Richard:We pay a fortune for the subtitles, so ... We do. It costs a fortune. So, I'm not sorry. Let's make it contrafibularities to our subtitles.

Matt:Oh, dear.


Podcast 13: Java news roundup

10-May-2018 in Podcasts Core Java Kotlin

Java news - will Oracle sue us for using the Java name? Java 10 is live with a big new feature (local variable type inference) and JavaEE is now JakartaEE.

Plus some talk about upcoming courses - Kotlin Programming and Kubernetes.

Should VirtualPairProgrammers do more front end work, particularly JavaScript frameworks like Angular (A: yes)

Here's the link to the survey we discuss: The State of Java in 2018


Matt:Hello, and welcome to podcast number 13 in the All Things Java series. Some would say that's unlucky for some. Hopefully, not unlucky for us or our listeners.

Richard:It will be unlucky for me, I think.

Matt:I'm Matt Greencroft.

Richard:Rich Chesterwood.

Matt:Good to see you, Richard, after I wouldn't let you out for the last podcast. You were busy away working on updating our courses, so we had a few complaints, I think, from our avid listeners that they missed your voice.

Richard:Yeah, really. Yeah.


Podcast 12 : Java vs Scala

19-Apr-2018 in Podcasts Core Java

Matt’s alone in the studio today – Richard is busy working on updating our courses, so Matt took the opportunity to interview Jon Humble, principle engineer at Sky Betting and Gaming. Find out about the technology stack Jon uses to support systems dealing with huge volumes of data and how they decide whether to use Scala or Java for different jobs.



Matt:Hello, and welcome to podcast number 12 of All Things Java. I'm Matt Greencroft. Apologies for the little pause there. Normally at this point, my college Richard Chesterwood would jump in and say, and I'm Richard Chesterwood but I'm all alone this week. He's not here. Actually, Richard has been busy working updating some of our courses. You may be aware that on quite a few of our courses we show you how you can use Amazon's EC2 Instances to deploy your work onto a cloud based infrastructure. Well, unfortunately for us, Amazon have changed somethings recently, which has meant that we've needed to update some of our videos to make sure that they work with Amazon's newer versions. So, I've locked Richard away in the recording studio for the last few weeks, getting everything right, but I promise I am going to let him out to join in the next podcast. I should perhaps also apologise for the delay in releasing this podcast. We have been super busy over the last couple of months but we'll try to do our best to get a bit more regular from now on.

So I'm actually not quite alone this month. In the studio today we've got Jon Humble with us. Jon works for one of the largest tech employers in our local area called Sky Betting and Gaming. Jon is one of their principle engineers and he's a real expert in Scala, Acca, Erlang and agile programming in general. So thank you very much Jon for joining us in the studio today.


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