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Podcast 11 : Talking about the Java Stack Job Market

15-Jan-2018 in Podcasts

Our special guest for this podcast is Matt Wood from IT recruitment firm

Matt and FruitionIT run "The JVM Thing", a community of Java Full stack developers -

What Java/JVM Stack skills are in demand?


Matt G:Hello, and welcome to the first podcast of 2018. I think it's number 11 in the All Things Java series. My name is Matt Greencroft.

Richard:I'm Richard Chesterwood.

Matt G:Today, we are delighted to have in the studio with us Matt Wood from Fruition IT. Hi, Matt. Thanks for joining us.


Podcast 10 : Anemic Domain Models

07-Nov-2017 in Podcasts

Matt and Rich get round the fireside to talk about anemic domain models, and discuss the news of a proposal to include data classes in Java.

In this episode Richard attempts to break the world record for the uses of the word "exactly" within an hour. He won't be saying it again next time around.

Hacker News discussion:


Martin Fowler's Paper:



Podcast 9 : UML

20-Oct-2017 in Podcasts

Richard and Matt talk about their previous experience with UML and wonder if it still has a relevance for modern Agile projects.

Despite Matt's valiant attempts, Richard fails to have a rant this week. But, he does manage to somehow squeeze in a reference to the "Comprehensive Super Mario Bros. Disassembly" which is quite an achievement on a UML talk (

We had a faulty microphone on this podcast so we're sorry about the sound quality - will be improved next time!



Richard:All right then. Am I going to start again?

Matt:I'll start.

Richard:Oh, okay.

Matt:Mm-hmm (affirmative). “Alexa, play the latest episode of the All Things Java podcast”. Now, at this point, Alexa will probably complain and say it can't find it, because I've not got that wording exactly right. Welcome to episode nine of All Things Java. I'm Matt Greencroft.


Podcast 8 : Java 9 is Here!

28-Sep-2017 in Podcasts Core Java

Matt and Rich run through what they think are the exciting features of Java 9, but they're not allowed to mention Jigsaw.

What will Richard find to moan and rant about most this week? Java's new genius numbering system? Or people who want to keep their lists mutable?


Richard:So welcome to, we think it's number eight of “All Things Java” from Virtual Pair Programmers. Around the table are ...

Matt:Matt Greencroft, nice to speak to you again Richard.

Richard:I'm Richard Chesterwood. So, this week, I think, Matthew is all excited because he wants to talk about Java 9 - obviously the big news in Java.


Podcast 7 : Design Patterns Special

30-Aug-2017 in Podcasts Core Java Design Patterns

This week Richard has a rant about everybody's favourite design pattern. You won't believe which one it is. This podcast is slightly more entertaining than the Gang of Four book. Even Grady Booch gets a mention!


Matt:Hello and welcome to number 7 of the All Things Java podcast! I am Matt Greencroft.

Richard:And I'm Richard Chesterwood.

Matt:If you have listened to the first six and you're still with us, hopefully that means we're doing something right. Thank you for staying with us.

Richard:I thought we'd do one and then get bored, so I'm amazed we're still here.

Matt:Well we're going to have to stay doing it for a bit longer, because I've spent quite a bit of time this week getting this podcast onto iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher, which has been a little bit of a task. This needs to be worth the effort, so we've got to stay doing at least a few more of these, or I'll be a bit-


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